Call for Applications for a Research Post

The Institute for Computational Linguistics A. Zampolli has made a call for applications for the research grant ILC.ASS.011.2024.PI within the framework of the National Research Project of Significant Interest (PRIN 2022) AIDH-ATLAS. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of a knowledge graph that represents academic research on Italian cultural heritage.

Research Activities
Development of a web platform for accessing, querying, and populating a knowledge graph that formalises digital academic products in the domain of Italian cultural heritage.

Work Location
CNR-ILC, Pisa office, Italy

12 months

Application Deadline: April 24, 2024

For more information and to access the complete call for applications, please visit:

The position is open to non-Italian candidates provided they have at least a basic Italian language proficiency.

English language summary

ATLAS Objectives

The goal of the ATLAS is to create a knowledge graph of the international scholarly research on Italian Cultural Heritage leveraged in a Web portal that fosters users’ interpretation and engagement. The Atlas aims to collect, enrich, and provide information extracted from online resources produced in the international academic context, such as digital textual corpora and editions (mostly based on the TEI/XML standard) as well as datasets following Linked Open Data principles and databases, but also ontologies and tools adopted in the community. The ATLAS leverages existing digital heritage resources to develop an innovative system wherein scholarly projects are reused in new non-native environments. Digital Humanities (DH) is a research field focused on the realisation of Web-based projects wherein to collect authoritative data related to our heritage. However, research outputs are often not easy to discover, and risk obsolescence if not well documented and based on shared guidelines and standards.


  • Experience with the topic of the selection;
  • Professional curriculum suitable for research activity;
  • Italian language proficiency (only for foreign applicants);
  • Required experience in one or more of the following areas:
    – development of Web applications based on modern Web development frameworks (Angular, React,…);
    – design and development of RESTful APIs;
    – adoption of Semantic Web technologies use of the Docker system (Portainer, Rancher, Kubernetes, etc.);
    – graph theory and ontologies;
    – applications of probability and statistics to knowledge bases.

The codes of the Italian master degrees are the following:
LM-18 (Computer Science);
LM-32 (Computer Science and Engineering);
LM-43 Digital Humanities;
LM-17 Physics,
LM-40 Mathematics;
or equivalent degrees obtained according to the DM 509/99

The applicant has to provide all the required evidence to establish the equivalence between their and Italian degrees.