Ancient fresco at Pompeii

ARIADNE provides services for archaeologists to enable access to the research infrastructure. The Portal provides the main point of access for searching and browsing datasets and new services for processing and publishing archaeological datasets online.

The ARIADNE Catalogue provides archaeological research datasets that researchers can browse and access for use in their projects. Several filters are provided which help narrow down the results by properties such as location, time, resource type and publisher among others.

ARIADNE Services
The portal also provides a point of access for the new services developed by the project that cover aspects such as data management, processing and visualisation as well as vocabulary applications plus some more specialised services.

Tips for searching the Catalogue and FAQs
How to get the best results when using the Portal catalogue and services plus some FAQs.

The Portal Guide
The PDF user guide explains how to use the Catalogue in depth and includes some examples of searches with tips to get the most out of using the filters.