The FAIR+CARE Cultural Heritage Project is funded the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grants for Libraries program. Over three years, the project will develop, disseminate, and promote ethical good practice guidance and digital data governance models integrating FAIR+CARE practices.

One of the project co-leads is the Center for Digital Antiquity, Arizona State University, partner in ARIADNEplus. The Center manages the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), the digital repository for archaeological and cultural heritage data in the US. There are 171 records from the Casa Grande archaeological site near Phoenix, Arizona in the ARIADNE Portal from the Center for Digital Antiquity.

As leading proponents of the FAIR Data Management  Principles, and leaders in the use of Open Data in archaeology, we encourage the ARIADNE community to participate in the Online Survey of Cultural Heritage Professionals. Prof. Julian Richards, ARIADNE RI Director, is the European adviser to this project, contributing his experience and knowledge developed through ARIADNE.  Part II of the survey is focussed on the CARE Principles. Whilst these have been developed in the context of those parts of the world where the data rights of indigenous peoples and descendent communities are important, the survey organisers are keen to gather European perspectives on these issues.

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